Wedding Gown Alterations Buffalo

Looking for Wedding Gown Alterations in Buffalo? Then Chayban's Custom Tailoring and Dry Cleaning - Lancaster is our bridal alteration location. Chayban's has been in business for 40+ years and our family members operate all of our stores.

Our Lancaster location is operated by Yasmine Chayban. Yasmine has 40+years of experience in custom tailoring men's, women's and children's suits, and Lancaster is our Wedding Gown and Bridal alteration location. Chayban's understands the importance of the wedding gown to the Bride.

When altering a wedding gown, here are some things to keep in mind:

Timing: Alterations take time, so make sure to give yourself enough time before the wedding to have the dress altered. It's recommended to start the process at least 3-4 months before the wedding day.

Find a Professional: Choose an experienced and reputable tailor or seamstress who specializes in bridal gowns to ensure that the dress is altered correctly.

Budget: Alterations can be costly, so make sure to budget accordingly. Be sure to get a clear estimate of the cost before agreeing to the alterations.

Fit: The dress should fit you perfectly and be comfortable to wear. Be sure to try on the dress after every alteration to ensure the perfect fit.

Style: Consider the style of the dress and how it can be altered without changing the original design. You want the alterations to enhance the dress, not detract from it.

Material: Consider the type of fabric and how it will be affected by alterations. Some fabrics, such as lace or beading, can be more difficult to alter without damaging the dress.

Preservation: If the dress is a family heirloom or sentimental piece, consider the preservation of the original design and materials.

Accessories: Keep in mind any accessories you plan to wear with the dress, such as a veil or jewelry, when deciding on alterations.

Comfort: Consider how you plan to move and dance in the dress. Alterations should not only make the dress look better, but they should also make it more comfortable to wear.

Bridal Gown Alterations

Yasmine's main focus for decades has been getting Brides ready for their special day. On your special day you want to make sure everything is perfect, including your wedding gown. Yasmine Chayban has been working with local Buffalo, WNY and Canadian brides to ensure everything is just right when it comes to your wedding gown.